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Threat Intelligence – December 12, 2019

EclecticIQ Platform 2.6 for increased analyst productivity

By Mark Huijnen, Product Marketing Manager

Our quest to develop the world’s most analyst-friendly CTI platform continues. The release of version 2.6 of..

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Threat Intelligence – November 06, 2019

Revisiting the question 'Why IOCs are not enough?'

By Aleksander W. Jarosz, Fusion Center Analyst 

A defense posture that focuses on Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) represents a reactionary approach to..

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Threat Intelligence – August 12, 2019

2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics From a CTI Perspective

By Ippolito Forni, Threat Intelligence Analyst  

The 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics is drawing ever nearer and just as organizers and athletes have been..

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Threat Intelligence – May 24, 2019

Current Techniques and Threats Against the Financial Industry

By Peter Ferguson, CTI Specialist

For obvious reasons, the financial sector is one of the most popular targets of cyber criminals. It is believed that..

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Threat Intelligence – May 03, 2019

Evaluate or Die Trying - Qualitative Evaluation for CTI Feeds

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Threat Intelligence – February 22, 2019

Why IOCs Are Not Enough

By Caitlin Huey, Senior Threat Intelligence Analyst

This isn't another Indicators of Compromise (IOC) vs Techniques Tactics Procedures (TTP) argument...

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Threat Intelligence – January 01, 2019

Threat Intelligence for Critical Infrastructure

Despite the ever-increasing focus on the state of industrial cybersecurity, accurate and timely threat intelligence for industrial control systems..

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Threat Intelligence – December 12, 2018

EclecticIQ Analysis: 2018 Trend Report

This report will cover the top trends and metrics that EclecticIQ Fusion Center analysts identified in 2018. This report is not meant to be an..

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Threat Intelligence – October 16, 2018

CTI – A community of communities

By Joep Gommers

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Threat Intelligence – October 08, 2018

EclecticIQ Monthly Vulnerability Trend Report - September 2018

This post is aimed to provide you with an overview of trends in vulnerability disclosures and announcements on a regular basis. Where applicable, the..

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