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Known Knowns, Unknown Unknowns and Known Unknowns in the World of CTI

Joep Gommers
June 24, 2019

It is time for a new episode of our whiteboard session series. In this latest video, our co-founder Joep Gommers takes a tongue-in-cheek crack at putting the famous concept of 'unknown unknowns' into the context of CTI.                                    

Joep will take you on a journey from unknown unknowns (things we are trying to identify, despite them not existing, yet) to a world of known unknowns (where things exist that we are aware of, but don't yet fully comprehend) while heading towards our ultimate destination of known knowns (the spot on the map with the most detail).

Sounds confusing? Hang in there, this is where the power of whiteboard sessions comes into play:    

Just say 'unknown unknowns, known unknowns and no knowns' three times in a row, then hit the play button above and let Joep explain it all in the latest addition of the EclecticIQ Whiteboard Session.

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