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Fusion Center – September 06, 2018

A look under the hood - the EclecticIQ Fusion Center data model


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Threat Intelligence – August 14, 2018

Source crafting: Setting standards in cyber threat intelligence

By Jörg Abraham, Senior Threat Analyst 

So your SOC operation uses threat intelligence on a daily basis? That’s good. You’ve also established a cyber..

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Threat Intelligence – August 10, 2018

EclecticIQ Monthly Vulnerability Trend Report - July 2018

Main author: Aaron Roberts, Threat Intelligence Analyst, of EclecticIQ Fusion Center

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– July 31, 2018

Threat Intelligence Platforms: The Missing Link Between People and Automation

By Diego Sappa, Senior Solution Architect

Automation is essential to security. Especially in a modern threat landscape, where Security Operation..

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Insider – June 11, 2018

GDPR Due Diligence Recap

GDPR is finally in force! Has your inbox already returned to normal after the flurry of emails informing you about data policy changes? And surely by..

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Insider – June 08, 2018

A look at the FIFA World Cup 2018 from a Cyber Security Perspective

By Caitlin Huey, Senior Threat Intelligence Analyst

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GDPR – May 16, 2018

The GDPR’s New Challenge For Threat Intelligence Analysts

By Caitlin Huey, Senior Threat Intelligence Analyst

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News – April 04, 2018

2018 — Playing a Game of Cyber Cat and Mouse

Four months into 2018 it’s time to look back at some of the threat highlights that we have witnessed so far this year. We start this 2-part review..

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GDPR – March 12, 2018

GDPR and ‘State of the Art’ Security

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Insider – March 09, 2018

Our Journey to Support STIX 2.1

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